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Durhamton Plantation is a private Plantation about an hour east of Atlanta near Union Pt, GA. This is like no other place I have ever been to, mostly motocross tracks here (about seven or eight) but also several nice trails through the woods. I wore myself out trying to learn to ride motocross on the big table top and double jumps and more. It was a great time and I highly recommend it. It is also nice because they have a shop on site as well as a tire shop and a pro shop for all your accessories and more. There is a common area with free Wi-Fi and a cafeteria for the hungry. Pretty much a one stop shop for dirt bike, ATV riding and motocrossin. Durhamtown Plantation has just added even more ATV and dirt bike trails with some awesome hill climbs and more...Check it out.

Oh did I mention they also have a big campground with rental trailers and cabins.... They will even rent you a bike or ATV.... Hell all you need to bring is clothes and money... oh the money part.... Bring a lot :)

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Durhamtown Plantation
ATV Durhamtown Plantation Dirt Bike Durhamtown Plantation Dirt Bike Durhamtown Plantation Dirt Bike Durhamtown Plantation Dirt Bike
ATV Durhamtown Plantation Dirt Bike Durhamtown Plantation Dirt Bike Durhamtown Plantation Dirt Bike Durhamtown Plantation Dirt Bike

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Broad River Adventure Park

Just about thirty miles east of Athens GA is Broad River Adventure Park. Broad River is just a little north of Durhamtown Plantation so it is very convenient if you choose to ATV and dirt bike ride both parks.

The first thing to mention is the fact that Broad River was very recently acquired by new owner-operators (I can honestly say they are some of the nicest people I have ever met). When I visited the park they had recently taken over and told me their plans to renovate the ATV adventure park.  The Adventure Park is in a flat area of Georgia so there is no hill climbs or mountain trails. The main road is large circle with several ATV and dirt bike trails running off the road every half mile of so. It is a bit muddy in the rainy season.

They have an enormous and very changeling Motocross track (perhaps one of the most impressive and largest motocross tracks I have ever seen) and several other easier tracks.  The area is ripe with the Red Georgia Clay that gets very slippery when it gets wet, Some ATV'ers love it but it can be very difficult on a dirt bike. It is not unlike Durhamtown Plantation in that respect. They have several large RV sites tucked away in the woods that make for a great way to camp. Also the resort has a few cabins to rent.


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Highland Park Off-Road Heaven


Highland Park Off Road Heaven is located just a little bit south of Cedartown, GA. It is a bit tricky to find so I recommend checking the directions on their web site before you go.

The ATV and dirt bike riding trails at Highland Park are situated on a big hill. They have some great trails with steep and rocky sections on them that are a real hoot. They also have milder sections for the family too. I would call it the best park in Georgia as far as the trails go. They also have a Grand Prix style Moto-Cross track that is very fast.

Highland Park is home to KTM world, a full service KTM ATV and dirt bike dealership. They have everything you would expect from a modern ATV and dirt bike dealership including parts and accessories and cool bikes and quads to rent. While staying there I met the owner and staff, rented a KTM 450 XCW and was so impressed with the bike, I bought one. They gave me a great price and the folks at KTM world are super.

Highland Park has a small area for camping with no hook ups so be self contained if you plan to camp there. They also have cabins for rent at very reasonable prices. In fact I found everything at Highland Park to be priced very reasonably. This resort is the closest to Atlanta and with prices about half of Durhamtown it can really add up to savings if you have a family.


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