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Coal Creek OHV Mountain

Breaking news..... The staff of has declared Coal Creek number one riding area (East of Rockies)!

Coal Creek OHV area is the best kept secret in eastern Tennessee. I found this dirt bike and ATV off-roading park surfing the web and it turned out to be one of the best areas I have ever ridden anywhere. I stayed there for over three weeks and I gotta tell you it is awesome. The ATV trails are varied from mild to extreme, with several steep rocky climbs if you are into that. Jeeps, ATV's and dirt bikes are all welcome here.

The folks their offer genuine southern hospitality and charm and they could not do enough to make your stay more fun and pleasant. It is open 365 days a year (I went there in Jan-Feb 2008) but can get a bit chilly in the winter, but not un-ride able. This area is an active coal, oil and gas mining area that is nice enough to let ATV off roaders ride its great trails (formerly mining roads). If you don't ride anywhere else this year... Ride here. I know I plan to be back in the fall and again next winter.

There are several campgrounds to stay at in the area:

Coal Creek has now opened there own campground and it is awesome.... On top of a hill with access to the mountain.... Just ride your ATV or dirt bike directly from your campsite. I priced out the different campgrounds and the new campground at Coal Creek Mountain was the best deal on the mountain. Plus being at the top of the hill you have a good TV  and cell phone signal.

Windrock Campground is located approximately 2 miles from the ATV trail head. You can ride your ATV or dirt bike straight from the campground to the trail head without having to trailer your off road vehicle. Very poor cell phone signal (like non-existent) here though.

Indian Creek Campground is just west of the mountain and you can ride your dirt bike or ATV right from your camp site...



Motels in the area.

Double Tree Inn                      865-481-2468

Comfort Inn                            865-481-8200

Days Inn                                 865-483-5615

Hampton Inn                          865-482-7889

Jameson Inn                           865-483-6809

Super 8                                  865-483-1200

Econo Lodge                         865-482-9968

Trail Map .pdf 

Coal Creek Garmin Map
This trail map can be downloaded and then uploaded into your Garmin GPS. It has all the trails color coded on difficulty rating. Very cool stuff!

Coal Creek OHV

Coal Creek OHV

Coal Creek Mountain Trail Photos

Coal Creek ATV OHV Coal Creek ATV OHV Coal Creek ATV Dirt Bike
Coal Creek ATV Coal Creek ATV Dirt Bike Coal Creek Dirt Bike
Coal Creek OHV Coal Creek ATV OHV Coal Creek OHV
Coal Creek ATV OHV Coal Creek Dirt Bike


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ATV Accessories and Parts

  Ride Royal Blue ATV resort and Campground

Just a short hop from Coal Creek Off Road is Ride Royal Blue Resort. Ride Royal Blue ATV Guest Ranch connects to the Tennessee Wildlife Management Area called Royal Blue and Sundquist. It offers over 430 miles of trails covering 750,000 acres, this is about as large an area as it gets (in the east at least that I am aware of). They have trails on both sides of interstate 75. If fact you can ride for the most part from Coal Creek to Brimstone and to Royal Blue in the back woods of Tennessee, I would advise a dual sport if you desire to do this as you will need to drive on some back country roads for part of this journey. This area of Tennessee is ripe with off road action.  These trails in the gorgeous mountains of Tennessee are abundant with wild life and you can enjoy some of the best trail riding east of the Rockies. Royal Blue WMA is open year round to the public. User fees are required for the use of off-highway vehicles, ATV's and dirt bikes.  Fees can be paid at any location in Tennessee that sells hunting and/or fishing license. I was here over a week and thoroughly enjoyed the resort, trails and staff!

Ride Royal Blue Trail Map

Ride Royal Blue Video

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Brimstone Recreation

Brimstone Recreation is the third off road ATV, 4x4 and dirt bike park in the NE Tennessee area. It is located a few miles south of the town of Huntsville, TN. They have a new campground that is small but very nice and one big log cabin they rent out.

The trails at Brimstone are built on top of red clay that can be very ugly when wet.  I went down into a steep valley and thought I would never get out as I kept having a bad case of rear wheel spin on my dirt bike and could not climb out either side. I had to jump the trail to get out after several unsuccessful try's on the trail. Unfortunately I was there in the wet season (winter) and spent a lot of time looking out the window of my RV watching it snow. I personally prefer rocky steep hill climb type of trails and there was not a lot of that at Brimstone. It is a pretty area though and I did a few dual sport rides on my DRZ 400. I was talking to a group of ATV riders there and they preferred it so I guess it is a personal point of view.

Brimstone Video



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